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Affecting Positive Change in the Workplace: For success in life and leadership

The Center for Collaborative Leadership is pleased to announce the upcoming leadership webinar series, Affecting Positive Change in the Workplace: For Success in Life and Leadership.

Office culture has a huge impact on our lives. Do you work in a positive environment, negative environment, or somewhere in between? A negative environment can have many negative implications – not just for work, but for your health and happiness as well.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I don’t know how much longer I can take this job! My boss is difficult, my direct reports are unmotivated, I work long hours with little appreciation… it is time to move on.” Is moving on the solution, or can you be the change agent that makes a difference in your workplace? 

What can you do, as a leader, to affect positivity in the workplace, both for yourself, and for those you manage? This webinar series will address several topics designed to give you tools and tips to incorporate emotional and physical well-being into the workplace and make it the cultural norm.

The series includes learning about emotional intelligence; building trust; giving constructive feedback; increasing your optimism and in turn, optimism in those around you; and culminates with a webinar on understanding how the brain works to shift how we lead and how we build our organizations.

Join us for the following dates:

October 29, 2014Emotional Intelligence: What is it and how can it benefit you? (recording) facilitated by Jackie Ramirez of Genos
December 2, 2014Leaders and Emotional Intelligence: Inspiring performance through trust and courage facilitated by Chuck Wolfe of Charles J. Wolfe Associates
January 28, 2015Team Emotional Intelligence facilitated by Steve Wolff and Vanessa Druskat of the Emotional Intelligence Consortium
February 25, 2015Ouch that Hurts: Neurobiology of Giving Feedback facilitated by Ken Nowack of Envisia Learning
March 25, 2015Seeing the Glass Half-Full: Increasing Your Optimism at Work facilitated by Ceridian Corporation
May 20, 2015Brain Science and Leadership: How can the latest information about the brain make us better leaders? facilitated by Jen Cohen of Seven Stones Leadership


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“It has been rewarding to work with people from other sectors that I would not generally have the opportunity to learn from. I feel that we all brought different skill-sets and experiences in which to draw from which made us a stronger team. ”
Colleen Blanchette
Partners Community HealthCare
ELP Fellow 2010