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The Center for Collaborative Leadership is charged with nourishing “emerging” leadership in metropolitan Boston and with exploring and refining the collaborative leadership model. Through the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), mid-level professionals in Greater Boston enhance their individual leadership skills and ability to work effectively with others toward significant civic goals. The program stresses collaboration and fosters leadership that is visionary, goal-oriented, and inclusive. Each summer, a new group of “fellows” is chosen. Diverse in profession, race, ethnicity, and gender, and with five to ten years of experience, these fellows have already demonstrated leadership potential through work in corporations, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. Each has been identified by his or her sponsoring organization as an “emerging leader,” talent worth watching and developing.

In the summer of 2007, the ELP won the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Excellence in Practice Award. EFMD is a global organization devoted to the continuous improvement of management development. The ELP was selected based on its innovative and creative learning approach, and its effective partnering with the corporate sector.

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“I learned a lot about myself as both a leader and colleague. I learned how important it is to continue to communicate with people across sectors- as it is crucial that we all work together.”
Julie Burke Blanchard
Massachusetts Women’s Forum
ELP Fellow 2011