ELP Selects Team Project Sponsors for 2013 Fellows

Thu, Aug 9, 2012 - 11:58 am

Each year, the Fellows in the UMass Boston Center for Collaborative Leadership’s Emerging Leaders Program discover and practice collaborative leadership skills by working together in peer-led teams on projects that involve multiple stakeholders and have broad civic impacts. The projects for 2013 contribute to the economic and social well-being of the Boston area by harnessing the power of an engaged community. 

The six project sponsors selected for this year are: Children’s Trust Fund (CTF); Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts; Massachusetts Business Roundtable (MBR); Science from Scientists; and UMass Boston’s Center for Social Policy and Center for Collaborative Leadership. On September 12th the Fellows will learn about each of the sponsor organizations and their projects.

The Emerging Leaders Program Fellows that select the CTF will help them establish a Young Professionals group that will act as an advocate on behalf of CTF in the community. The team that selects the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts will assist in a major website restructure and redesign enabling them to engage their different audiences (girls, adult volunteers, staff, and donors). The Massachusetts Business Roundtable will work with an ELP Team to review symbiotic relationships that are emerging between small businesses and large companies in order to highlight these relationships and their impact on our economy in Massachusetts. Science from Scientists will work with a team of Fellows to design and develop a communications toolkit to support their strategic goals.  The UMass Boston Center for Social Policy (CSP), with its Fourth World Movement (FWM) partner, will engage the ELP team in a pilot program of dialogues for their ‘merging knowledge’ project. Finally, the Center for Collaborative Leadership will work with a team to explore how we measure the impact of the project team work for both the participants and the sponsor organizations.

The Center’s Director, Lisa DeAngelis, worked to solicit impactful projects with a number of Boston area organizations. She states, “The reality for many of these organizations is that they are under-staffed and over-worked. A team of highly qualified Fellows from our program provides the additional expertise that enables these non-profits to make substantial progress on strategic initiatives.” 

On October 3, the Fellows from the 2012 Emerging Leaders Program will present their project outcomes at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The 2012 group worked with the Mass Business Roundtable, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, Boston Tenant Coalition, and UMass Boston’s Trotter Institute, Center for Social Policy, and the Center for Collaborative Leadership. To find out more about this event, please visit http://www.leaders.umb.edu/index.php/event/2012_emerging_leaders_program_team_project_presentation/

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“The speakers were all amazing and very inspirational. They led many discussions that were motivating and I always walked away with "take aways" that will be great resources and guidance for future development.”
Lauren Jones
Massachusetts State House
ELP Fellow 2009