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Next Generation Leadership: Insights from Emerging Leaders

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Now available from Palgrave/Macmillan, “Next Generation Leadership: Insights from Emerging Leaders”. The voices of nearly 300 emerging leaders are captured in this book as the authors, Sherry Penney and Patricia Neilson, look at the important ways in which Generations X and Y will transform leadership. Here are some of the reviews:

“The incoming generations will soon be the leaders of the future and their values will drive the innovation of tomorrow. While many talented young professionals are eager and ready to take on these leadership roles, their voices are rarely heard. This book brings together the stories and ideas of the future from a survey of nearly 300 emerging leaders to get their point of view and thoughts about how organizations need to change in order to develop effective leaders of tomorrow.”—Ellen M. Zane, President & CEO, Tufts Medical Center

“Next Generation Leadership is a welcome shout-out from young leaders about how they want all of us to collaborate to shape the future. This hopeful, insightful book shows why values and opportunities must become central to attracting and motivating the best talent.”—Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School Professor, Director of the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, and author of Confidence and SuperCorp

“Next Generation Leadership offers unique insight from future leaders regarding their most closely held values.  Honesty, integrity, inclusion and social responsibility will be more critical than ever to creating and leading effective organizations.  In order to effectively ‘pass the torch’ to a new generation of leaders, it’s important that we listen to them now, and adapt to potential shifts in leadership focus.”—Rick Friedel, Vice President, AT&T Service Management

“There is no better way to learn about leadership than through the eyes and voices of emerging leaders who aspire to greatness. Their fresh, hopeful and surprisingly perceptive views force all of us, even the most seasoned leaders, to recalibrate how we think about diversity, gender, ethics and what it really means to be a leader. This book speaks to a vibrant future, and everyone will take something valuable from it.”—Ralph M. James, Executive Director, Executive Education, Harvard Business School

Voices of the Future: Emerging Leaders

Voices of the Future Book Cover
Voices of the Future: Emerging Leaders
The Center for Collaborative Leadership at UMass Boston received money from an anonymous donor and a grant for $25,000 from State Street Corporation to work on a project to solicit and publish the voices of emerging leaders about their thoughts on leadership and the challenges leaders face. The idea for the book originated from the Center’s senior scholar, Sue Reamer in collaboration with our founding director, Sherry Penney and director, Patricia Neilson. UMass Boston Professors Peter Kiang and Maureen Scully, and Marjorie Arons-Barron from Barron Associates Worldwide have been instrumental in the books development.

Authors are from the Center’s Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) and represent the major business, non-profit and governmental organizations in the Greater Boston region.

Read Excerpts from Voices of the Future: Emerging Leaders

Chapter One: Emerging Leaders Reach Out. Essays from Armindo Goncalves (with Emily Rubin), Chi-Cheng Huang, Nathan Pusey (with Emily Rubin), and Mary Tolikas

Chapter Two: Voices of Inclusion. Essays from Georgianna Melendez, David Halbert, Ron Bell (with Emily Rubin), Sandra Best Bailly, and Paul Francisco (with Emily Rubin)

Chapter Three: Growing Into Leadership and the Future. Essays from Pauliina Swartz, Michael Rawan, Hugh Drummond, Amanda Trojan, Anne Marie Boursiquot King, Andrea Hurwitz, and David Dance

Chapter Four: Leadership and Balance. Essays from Lisa DeAngelis and Deanna Yameen, Anonymous, and Christie Getto Young

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“The ELP provides a unique opportunity to be exposed to a wide array of existing and emerging leaders who are forging new, more effective collaborations that will change how we live our lives in the future. My participation in this program has changed my thinking about what is possible when committed, diverse, and skilled individuals come together on issues. And it has increased my network of contacts and personal capacity to contribute to and lead these types of collaborations successfully.”
Carol Choi
PA Consulting
ELP Fellow 2004